UC Leads is part of the Cal NERDS program.


UC Leads is a two-year program designed to identify educationally or
economically disadvantaged UC undergraduates in mathematics, engineering,
or science who show promise of succeeding in doctoral degree programs. The
program provides students with educational experiences that prepare them
to assume positions of leadership in industry, government, public service,
and academia. UC LEADS is part of the Cal NERDS program.

Annual deadline for students beginning the program the summer of the same year:

Rolling deadline starting January 31

UC Leads flyer

General overview of the UC Leads program

UC Leads Application

Application Checklist

Letter of Recommendation Form

Contact the Program Director for additional information:

Diana Lizarraga
Program Director, Cal NERDS
University of California, Berkeley
Stephens Hall, room 230-C
Berkeley, CA 94720-5881
phone: 510/643-8978
fax: 510/642-0199