M.A. Firebaugh



Marco Antonio Firebaugh Scholars Program



The Extended Application Deadline is:

February 1, 2013, 11:50 PM



The Firebaugh Scholars Program is designed to prepare select Berkeley undergraduates who are interested in graduate study in a Ph.D. program. Scholars will spend the academic year developing writing and research skills while planning the research project that they will conduct during the summer under the direction of their faculty mentor.

What you will get

Faculty Mentorship and Course Support
•In the Spring of 2013 you will take a 1-3 unit course that provides an introduction to academic research, graduate school preparation, and supports you as you develop and implement a research project.
•You will be connected to a faculty member based on your research interests that will mentor you through the research process.
•In the Fall of 2013 you will take a semester long writing course to support the
completion of your research paper.
•In the Spring of 2014 you will present your research at a campus-wide symposium and be published on e-scholarship.

Retention and Academic Counseling Support
•You will have a dedicated academic counselor that will work on a tailored educational plan taking into account your particular responsibilities.

Applicants must have Junior Standing and at least 12 units completed at UCB.   Please see application and application checklist.


M.A. Firebaugh

Send all materials to:

Marco Antonio Firebaugh Scholars Program

c/o Juan Francisco Esteva Martinez


All emailed application materials MUST be received by

February 1, 2013