Physics Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

The Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Research Scholars Program is designed to encourage Physics majors to engage
in research. The Physics Department will award a stipend of $500 per semester to several students involved in research with
Physics faculty. Students need to apply, and Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Scholars will be selected for the program by a
committee of Physics faculty, based on evaluation of the student's enthusiasm and record, quality of the project, and level of
involvement of the professor.

The rules are simple:

1) Only declared and registered physics majors are eligible.

2) A student must find a professor in the Physics Department who will be the advisor. The professor and
student should complete the application form, and commit to a proposed deliverable. Students accepted into
the program will be notified ASAP.

3) At the end of the semester, the professor will sign off if the deliverable is complete. The deliverable must be
submitted to 368 LeConte by the last day of instruction of the semester. The student will then receive a $500
stipend check.

4) A poster must be presented at the undergraduate poster session held in April of every year.

Students in this program will be called Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Research Scholars. Faculty will take their mentoring
roles very seriously, and will only sign-on students who will be strongly engaged in physics projects. A deliverable might be a
research paper, authorship on a published paper, or a senior thesis. Please keep in mind that the deliverable must be
submitted to 368 LeConte by the last day of instruction of the semester.

Summer support is not available under this program, but faculty are encouraged to seek additional support for students, such as supplemental NSF support for
undergraduates, LBNL summer support, salary support from federal grants, and URAP support from the campus.

This award may affect a recipient's financial aid. Please check the Financial Aid Office, 211 Sproul Hall, for more information.

Recipients who are international students will have federal income tax automatically deducted from the award.

For an application please stop by the Physics Student Services Office
368 LeConte Hall.

Looking for a faculty mentor? Check the
UCB Physics Department Home Page
Click on "Research Activities"

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Revised 13 August 2009.