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OURS is currently hiring for one graduate student position for 2018-19. 


Position Title: Service Designer - Creating Campus Tools & Services In Support of Undergraduate Experiential Learning


Application Deadline: Monday, September 17, 2018

Position Summary:

UC Berkeley is beginning a coordinated effort to expand its support for undergraduate experiential learning opportunities - often referred to as “discovery experiences” within the emerging campus discourse around this initiative. One facet of this effort will be the development of a set of tools and complementary student services (some web-based) that will assist students in identifying and carrying out these deeply transformative learning experiences. The Project Coordinator - with guidance from the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships and staff from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education - will organize the development of these tools starting with preliminary R&D (i.e. convening student user groups and relevant staff meetings, researching other campus platforms, etc). The project seeks to leverage and integrate with other burgeoning student information efforts such as Berkeley Mobile, Arts+Design, and Begin - to name only a few examples. The position pays $25 an hour and runs from September 2018 until August 2019 with a possible second year extension. The hours per week will vary from 8 hours to 15 hours (expected average 8-10hrs a week). The position does not provide tuition fee remission.


The Project Coordinator will:

  • Research other R1 universities to better understand how they assist students in find experiential learning opportunities, and document these findings in an organized manner that helps us benchmark our effort

  • Initiate outreach to relevant campus members and schedule meetings accordingly

  • Qualitative research and facilitation of a variety of meetings (ie. user focus groups, campus IT collaborators, etc)

  • Synthesize student and staff/faculty input toward ideation

  • Oversee the hiring and work processes of undergraduate students to assist in project including research phase and software designers to develop prototype tools

  • Oversee student design competition (related to prototyping one facet of the tools)



Applicants must be graduate students at UC Berkeley. The Project Coordinator must have skills, experience, and interest in several of the following areas:

  • Project coordination

  • Human centered design processes / design thinking

  • Undergraduate student life at UC Berkeley - particularly as it pertains to opportunities for experiential learning

  • Information system design / software development

  • Information platforms and systems for connecting university students with campus opportunities

  • Networking and community building

  • Media creation


How to Apply:

To apply, use the online application form via the link below:


The form will ask you to provide:

  • A cover letter addressing: your interest in the position, your relevant skills and work experiences, and your current academic pursuits at UC Berkeley.

  • Resume/CV

  • List of three references (name, email/phone contact, relationship to you)


The application deadline is September 17, 2018.

If you have any questions about the position please email Sean Burns at