Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Discovery Database

The Discovery Database is a centralized resource to search hundreds of opportunities across campus, including undergraduate research, scholarships, internships, and fellowships.

Step 1: Login

  • Visit https://app.studentopportunitycenter.com/
  • Use the “Login with University Account” feature
  • Select your university, UC Berkeley, from the drop down list
  • A CalNet Authentication prompt opens; enter your CalNet ID and password
  • You’ll be taken to the Discovery Database landing page

A yellow arrow pointing to the "select your university" dropdown menu on the database login screen.

Step 2: Select your interests to build a profile

  • On the left side bar, select ” interests”
  • You’ll be offered a long list of interest areas; choose those that appeal to you
  • You’ll receive suggested opportunities based on your interests

Yellow arrow pointing to the "interest" button on the left sidebar of the database.

Step 3: Search opportunities

  • Use the search bar on the landing page to enter topics of interest (example: environment, service, education)
  • Experiment with using broad terms as well as more specific ones. (example: try both art and art history)
  • You can also search by type of opportunity by choosing multiple categories from the drop down category menu (example: fellowship, research, scholarship, internship and more)
  • You can search by tags in the areas of class standing, majors, or subjects. This feature is still being developed and may not have many results. (example: class standing – sophomore, subject – entrepreneurship)

3 yellow arrows pointing to the three ways of searching: the search menu top bar, the categories filter, and the tags filter.

Step 4: Support

  • This database is in its early stages with new opportunities added every month. We are excited you are part of the first student group accessing this resource.

If you need support in searching for opportunities or want to provide feedback, email amy.azuma@berkeley.edu.


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