Connecting Research With International Travel: 3 Student Profiles

Colleen Murphy
March 14, 2017

Life-changing. Eye-opening. Revolutionary. Amazing. We have all heard these phrases from friends who’ve recently returned from whirl-wind, jet-setting, international travel experience. They eagerly tell us all about the adorable coffee shop they found in South Africa or the crazy philosopher they met on the bus in London. We smile and nod with a mix of a little jealousy and a little boredom, and then go back to studying for an urgent midterm. But a small voice lingers in the back of our heads. Maybe…we too could go abroad? But where would we begin? And how can we connect this desire up with our campus academic goals? I recently sat down with three Berkeley undergraduates who conducted international research last summer. Their stories give us .

Speaking of Research: How Four Undergraduates in Linguistics Have Defined a Research Path

As an undergraduate research peer advisor, I recently had an opportunity to interview four undergraduate researchers at Cal who major in linguistics and carried out senior thesis research, often with support from programs like the SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship) and LRAP (Linguistics Research Apprenticeship Practicum) and URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program). We talked about their motivations for starting research, the challenges that they have faced, and their future plans growing out of the projects. One thing that all of these students had was their tremendous passion for their research and, in general, the incredible diversity and complexity of languages. Here are some highlights from my interviews. I hope you enjoy getting to know these inspiring students!

Cal Senior Chun Man Chow Awarded Churchill Scholarship

March 4, 2016 - By Roxy Shooshani.....UC Berkeley senior, Chun Man Chow, has been awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Scholarship which provides funding for graduate study at Cambridge University in England. Chow is the first UC Berkeley student to be named a Churchill Scholar since 2012, and he will use the scholarship to fund an MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering as part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at Cambridge.

Stronach Prize Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Each spring, the Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaurete Prize awards a small number of graduating seniors the extraordinary opportunity to put their ideas and their ideals into action. Granted awards of up to $25,000, recipients of the Prize dedicate themselves to going out into the world to work on socially engaged projects of their own design in the year following graduation. This month, UC Berkeley celebrates the tenth anniversary of the prestigious student Prize.