Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

Sarah Bhattacharjee - Bioengineering

    Sarah Bhattacharjee is a third year student majoring in Bioengineering with a pre-med emphasis. She first found her passion for research through URAP in the fall semester of her freshman year, and since then has been an avid participant in the research culture at Berkeley. She was a SURF Rose Experience Student this past summer, and is currently continuing her work in the Messersmith Group. Her office hours are Friday from 1-2.

    Nicolas Cruz

      Nicolas is a fourth year student majoring in Sociology and doing research in the Psychology department. He has been a part of the URAP program since Fall 2015 and is currently still involved in his URAP research as well as various other projects related to his lab. In addition to research in the field of Psychology, Nicolas is writing a senior honors thesis on anger expressions and socioeconomic class through the Sociology department. His office hours are Monday from 2-3.

      Michael Dohn - Linguistics

        Michael is a fourth year student majoring in Linguistics. He first got started in undergraduate research as a URAP apprentice, and has gone on to participate in other URAP projects as well as the SURF L&S program. Currently he is currently working on an honors thesis studying aspect in the Matsigenka language, as well as participating as a URAP apprentice on a project investigating consonant clusters in child language acquisition. His office hours are Monday from 12-1.

        Jessica Du - Molecular and Cell Biology, Statistics

          Jessica is a third year studying Molecular and Cell Biology and Statistics. She got started in research as a URAP apprentice in a lab studying how different infectious organisms can hijack host actin structures for mobility, effective replication, and infectivity. Now, she works in the same lab on an independent project. Jessica’s drop-in hour is on Monday, 11-12pm.

          Danny Lee - Public Health, Microbial Biology

            Danny is a fourth year majoring in Public Health and Microbial Biology. As a Haas Scholar, Danny will be working on an independent research project, titled “ATP Release in Gram Negative Bacteria and Its Role in Cell Wall Remodeling.” He will investigate the role of ATP in D-amino acid metabolism and cell wall remodeling.  His office hours are on Fridays, 12-1.

            Jenny Marino - Microbial Biology

              Jenny is a fourth year student majoring in Microbial Biology with an emphasis in host-pathogen interactions. She first got started in research through URAP during her sophomore year, where she had the opportunity to work in a plant genetics lab under Dr. Sheila McCormick. Currently, she is working as a research assistant in the Taga lab, where she is studying how bacteria regulate vitamin B9 biosynthesis. Her office hours are Friday from 2-3.

              Colleen Murphy - Geophysics

                Colleen is a fourth year student majoring in Geophysics. She has worked on a number of different research projects, including various geophysical surveys, an archaeological excavation in Illinois, and her current work as part of the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory. As a SURF L&S fellow, she is currently working on a senior honors thesis studying relationships between lithology, vegetation, and landscape evolution. 

                Sayaka Ri - Molecular & Cell Biology

                  Sayaka Ri is a fourth year student majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Human Rights. She is a member of the SURF L&S 2016 cohort, in which she analyzed the different methodologies tracking attacks on medical facilities in Syria. Sayaka is an undergraduate researcher in the Human Rights Center affiliated with Boalt Law School, and in the Schekman Lab (MCB Department), HHMI. Her office hours are Friday from 11-12. 

                  Claudia Tischler - Cognitive Science

                    Claudia is a junior studying Cognitive Science and is planning to go to medical school after graduating. She started her URAP experience as a freshman interested in motor control. She works in the Ivry lab (Cognac Lab) and conducts experiments with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to test various hypotheses about the human motor system’s mechanism for planning and executing movements. She hopes that you will stop by her office hours on Monday 1-2pm to learn about how to get involved in scientific research at Cal.