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Alysoun Quinby Humanities

Linguistic Atlas of River Yurok

Alysoun will identify previously undescribed linguistic variation in Yurok, an endangered native language of northwestern California. There are two major Yurok dialect areas, and her aim is to map local variation within one of those: the area along the Klamath River from the coast upriver to Weitchpec, California. Alysoun will use archival and field research to gather linguistic, geographical and population data, which she will then synthesize to create a linguistic atlas. This work will make both an academic contribution (in the context of the Yurok Language Project, a full scale language description and revitalization effort currently underway in the Linguistics department here at Berkeley) and a community contribution, giving the Yurok people access to previously unavailable information about their linguistic history.

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Major: Linguistics
Mentor: Mentor: Andrew Garrett, Linguistics
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