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Amber Griffin-Royal Social Science

The Sounds of Blackness: Exploring the Spatial Temporality of Oakland’s Black Radio

Scholars Journal

Soundscapes reverberate throughout our lived environments and can contribute to how people relate to the space they’re in. Delving into the rich tapestry of Oakland’s Black soundscape, this project investigates the evolving sonic landscape of Oakland's Black communities amidst gentrification and displacement. Combining archival research, interviews, participant observation, and audio analysis, the study “digs into the crates” for the cultural significance of radio and DJs in shaping Black identity and fostering community resilience. Amber’s roots run deep as a Black third-generation Oakland native, DJ, and former punk band vocalist, and this project will be a heartfelt journey intertwined with personal experience and community connections.
Photo of Amber Griffin-Royal
Major: African American Studies
Mentor: Mariane Ferme, Anthropology
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