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Anna Darzins Social Science

Women with Disabilities: The Intersection of Disability and Domestic Violence Services

Many people assume that women with disabilities experience domestic violence to a lesser extent than women in general, yet research indicates that women with disabilities are up to four times more likely to be victimized than their non-disabled peers. Given that women with disabilities experience disproportionate rates of domestic violence; where do they go to access domestic violence services? How does their disability status influence their decisions seeking help, and are providers meeting their needs? Anna’s work will investigate these issues through a disability studies and social work lens. She seeks to uncover whether or not disability-related service providers are asking their clients about domestic violence; if domestic violence service providers are knowingly treating women with disabilities; and finally, where the affected population of women themselves report accessing services, if anywhere at all.

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Major: Social Welfare
Mentor: Mentor: Marsha Saxton, Interdisciplinary Studies
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