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Annmarie Rose Delgado Humanities

Commemorating Childhood: the Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology at Tell el-Mazar, Jordan

Scholars Journal

Archaeologists have only recently taken up the challenge of understanding the social status of childhood in the Ancient Middle East. Using a combination of techniques to execute the research, Annmarie will draw from mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology to analyze a fifth-century BCE cemetery at Tell el-Mazar, located today in modern Jordan. Although this evidence was excavated almost fifty-years ago and is today no longer available for direct analysis, two detailed excavation reports contain the information Annmarie needs to answer the following research question: How did theTell el-Mazar community commemorate deceased children through burial practices?
Major: Anthropology, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
Mentor: Benjamin Porter, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
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