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Annmarie Rose Delgado Humanities

Commemorating Childhood: the Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology at Tell el-Mazar, Jordan

Scholars Journal

Archaeologists have only recently taken up the challenge of understanding the social status of childhood in the Ancient Middle East. Using a combination of techniques to execute the research, Annmarie will draw from mortuary archaeology and bioarchaeology to analyze a fifth-century BCE cemetery at Tell el-Mazar, located today in modern Jordan. Although this evidence was excavated almost fifty years ago and is today no longer available for direct analysis, two detailed excavation reports contain the information Annmarie needs to answer the following research question: How did the Tell el-Mazar community commemorate deceased children through burial practices?
Major: Anthropology and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
Mentor: Benjamin Porter, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
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