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Carli Olivia Torres Humanities

To Be Called Love: The Love Ethics of Pedro Pietri’s "Puerto Rican Obituary"

Scholars Journal

The Nuyorican Poetry Movement emerged in the 1960s after a mass migration of Puerto Ricans to a politically turbulent New York City. An artistic community formed that displayed a unique creative voice as poets played with both English and Spanish. Carli’s project focuses on Pedro Pietri and his collection "Puerto Rican Obituary." In his poetry, Pietri creates complex landscapes merging Puerto Rico and New York. Carli’s focus is on how time and space work in these landscapes and how it helps Pietri attempt to define an identity for the Puerto Rican diaspora. She is also interested in how his involvement in political activism shaped his work. Part of her research includes traveling to New York to explore the Pedro Pietri Papers Archive in CENTRO at Hunter College.
Carli Torres
Major: English, Creative Writing minor
Mentor: John Alba Cutler, English
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