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Desi Carrasco Social Science

Political Development Among Homeless Children of Color in Community Youth Sports

Contemporary leisure studies research has broadened social and political understandings of leisure, particularly the meanings participants attach towards such activities. Discussions within the field suggest ways in which leisure activities, specifically sports, may promote political development among disempowered groups. Desi’s project and American Studies honors thesis aims to critically examine homeless children’s experiences in sports, specifically experiences of political development through youth sport in the California Bay Area. Through semi-structured virtual interviews, a Critical Race Theory framework will be used to investigate the ways racial identity shapes their sports involvement, the political nature of their experiences, and the social relationships therein. Ultimately, Desi hopes his research can advance the leisure and family studies field, inform youth sports policy, and guide the practices of educators, homeless advocates, service providers, and youth sports leaders.

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Major: Sociology and American Studies
Mentor: Mentor: Derek Van Rheenen, Education
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