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Eli Martinez Social Science

Punishment Drift: Vicarious Effects of Community Supervision on Kin Networks

Though many aspects of the criminal punishment system have been explored in research, this project aims to address a gap in analyzing the effects that penal supervision has on kin-networks, post-incarceration. Although there are more people than ever before subject to community supervision in our communities, little is known about how this affects family life, neighborhood dynamics, and society more broadly. The goal of Eli’s project is to better understand the strains being put on the kin-networks of individuals who are under the most widespread form of penal supervision; community supervision via probation and parole. There is a need to explore what the mass expansion of community supervision has had for families, kin networks, and communities outside of the separate impacts of targeted and aggressive policing and hyper-incarceration.

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Major: Sociology, Public Policy minor
Mentor: Mentor: Loïc Wacquant, Sociology
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