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Ernest Honya Social Science

Ketwea Bea Nswa: Susu and Institutional Microfinance Models in Ghana

Susu is a traditional microfinance scheme in Ghana that has been ignored by commercial banks and microfinance institutions in the country. Ernest’s research asks why Ghana does not have an institutionally acceptable microfinance model that is specifically designed to fit the socio-economic and cultural needs of Ghanaians. His project will first investigate the susu model to find out what makes it institutionally unacceptable. Second, Ernest will survey the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of Wale and Ewe communities in northern and southern Ghana respectively. Ernest’s goal is to propose a new model that is specifically designed to replace susu, which will be acceptable by commercial banks.

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Major: Development Studies
Mentor: Mentor: Professor G. Ugo Nwokeji
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