Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Hannah Raslan Social Science

Neoliberal Transformation and Transnational Migration in the Northern Triangle

In 2018, thousands of Central American migrants, mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, fled their home countries to seek a better life in Mexico or the US. This exodus of migrants has been met both at the US/Mexico and the Mexico/Guatemala border with hostility, violence and discrimination. Hannah Marias research will examine the motives of this migration, specifically focusing on the link between neoliberal economic reforms in Central America and economic migration. She will travel throughout Mexico to conduct interviews with migrants in all phases of their journeys. She will document the challenges these migrants face in her documentary short, which she hopes will raise awareness about the cruel conditions these migrants are faced with in Mexico and at the US border.

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Major: Global Studies
Mentor: Mentor: Rosemary Joyce, Anthropology
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