Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Joshua Belton and Agata Surma Social Science

Development, Livestock, and Society: Cultural Practices and Agricultural Intervention in Upper East Ghana

Agata and Josh will be studying the ways two major agricultural interventions–colonial development and the Tono Irrigation Project–have changed livestocks role in several communities in Upper East Ghana. They will first visit the British National Archives in London to research the pre-colonial conditions in the area and assess how colonial development unfolded there. They will then fly to Accra, Ghana, where they will interview experts to learn about the area’s past and present. Afterwards, they will travel to Upper East Ghana to observe the area and conduct interviews, which will help them determine the present role of livestock in communities there. They will then compare how that role has changed with the various projects, and what the consequences of these changes have been.

Profile image of Joshua Belton and Agata Surma
Major: Geography
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Nathan Sayre, Geography
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