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Malcolm Harvey Social Science

The Association Between Combat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Self-Perception, and Worldview -- and its Social Ramifications

The vast majority of research associated with combat-related trauma and PTSD is conducted employing psychoanalytical and psychosocial models utilizing quantitative methodology that focuses primarily on the individual. Comparatively, little is known about the social impact of an illness that afflicts a great number of combat veterans and affects the lives of many others. Malcolm hopes to address this deficiency by: exploring it from a sociological perspective which will expand the scope of inquiry beyond the individual to society at-large; applying qualitative methodology which will uncover nuances that are missed by quantitative methods; and gathering data via semi-structured interviews, a method that better lends itself to the depth and sensitivity necessary to elicit meaningful information. From his efforts, Malcolm hopes to provide answers regarding the potential correlation between PTSD, self-perception, and worldview and its broader social implications and to create a quality research study for his senior honors thesis in Sociology.

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Major: Sociology
Mentor: Mentor: KimVoss, Sociology
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