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Natalie Rosas Social Science

I am my Mother: Health Access among Mexican Immigrant Parents and their Children

The term “multi-generational punishment,” was coined by Dr. Laura E. Enriquez in 2015, to name a “distinct form of legal violence wherein the sanctions intended for a specific population spill over to negatively affect individuals who are not targeted.” Natalie’s research aims to expand on existing literature by exploring the effects that legal sanctions have on undocumented parents in the realm of healthcare — how it impacts their own access, and the unintended consequences it has on their children regardless of their own legal status. Through long form interviews with Mexican immigrant parents from the Central Valley, Natalie will address how the children of undocumented parents are impacted. She hopes her findings shed light on the plight of immigrant families and have broader policy implications impacting how healthcare outreach is done with undocumented communities.

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Major: Political Science and Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Mentor: Christian Paiz, Ethnic Studies
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