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Randeep Hothi Humanities

Philosophy, Creativity, and Spirituality: a Study of Puran Singh

Morality, as a realm approached by philosophers to be captured by theory and grounded upon metaphysics, as the realm in which the good is discriminated from the evil or the bad by faculties of reason, is subverted by sublime gestures of the poet. These sublime gestures in the prose of Puran Singh have specifically subverted the ethical foundations of Brahmanism and Vedanta through the experience of the Sikh path. Randeep Singh’s research will delve into the Sikh experiences, in dialogue with the Western tradition of metaphysics, to provide some insights into the critique Puran Singh offers of the modernist philosophical idiom rooted in Enlightenment thought. In doing so, Randeep’s travels to Punjab will involve contact with the Punjabi and English prose left for us by Puran Singh.

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Major: Philosophy
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Hans Sluga, Philosophy
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