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Raúl Varela Social Science

Fighting to Not Be Forgotten: 25 Years of Femicides in Ciudad Jurez

In 1993 a wave of disappearances and murders of women living in the border city of Ciudad Jurez, Chihuahua, Mxico made news around the world. Twenty-five years later, thousands of these cases of innocent victims have not been resolved. Ral proposes to create an ethnographic documentary film as part of his Anthropology honors thesis and explore why its important for the mothers of the disappeared women to keep the memory and identity of their daughters alive. He will film in Ciudad Jurez in-depth interviews with activists, scholars, journalists, and most importantly, with the mothers of the victims. Rals film will expose through video, photography, and animation, the palpable pain of tragic loss, and the memory and beauty of these young women banished from a place where all hope is lost.

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Major: Anthropology major
Mentor: Mentor: Raymond Telles, Ethnic Studies
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