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Salvador Gomez Social Science

Unincorporated Whittier: A Case Study for Unincorporated Community Planning

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Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the United States, faces challenges in governing its over 120 unincorporated areas, comprising 65% of total area and home to over 1 million residents. The absence of local representation and limited political influence in these areas lends concerns regarding the county's capability to effectively meet community needs. Salvador's research investigates whether county and city planners have effectively addressed the needs of these communities using Whittier as a case study. Salvador aims to provide insights for local stakeholders and serve as a reference for similar suburban unincorporated communities in Los Angeles and beyond. Furthermore, this research transcends geographical boundaries and academic disciplines, contributing to discussions on equitable governance and sustainable planning practices.
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Major: Society & Environment
Mentor: Danielle Rivera, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning
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