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Direct Measurement of Time Reversal Symmetry Violation in a P-wave Superconductor

Which way does time flow? Could time really be flowing backwards, and our perception of time passing forward be purely a matter of perspective? Physical phenomena that are asymmetric under time reversal have shown that time must flow forwards, and the discovery of such phenomena in different environments opens the door for new experiments and a better understanding of the nature of the universe. By directly observing the intrinsic angular momentum of a high-quality sample of strontium ruthenate crystals, Tom intends to demonstrate time reversal symmetry breaking (T-violation) in a macroscopic quantum system, confirming the existence of an as-of-yet undiscovered but theoretically predicted p-wave superconductor. Such a direct observation will allow for many new experiments, including the quantum mechanical interference of two macroscopic systems that violate time reversal symmetry. The resulting research will be presented as his Senior Honors Thesis in Physics.

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Major: Physics/Math
Mentor: Mentor: Professor J.C. Seamus Davis, Physics
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