Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

Jocelyn Cheng
Jocelyn Cheng - Psychology


    Hey y’all! I’m a rising junior majoring in Psychology. I began my research experiences at the Stahl lab under the Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology department, where I aided in studying brown fat and specifically the effects of CoQ-deficiency in mice. I’m currently a member of Professor Schroeder’s MAPP lab at Haas (which I discovered through URAP!) and help in a wide variety of social psychology studies. During my free time, I enjoy spontaneous food adventures with friends, graphic design, dancing, and listening to K-pop. I’m also a member of Cal Rotaract, an on-campus service organization!


    Shreya Kareti - History of Art & South Asian Studies

      I am a senior majoring in the History of Art and South Asian Studies. I spent the past summer in France as a SURF fellow conducting archival research for my honors thesis on the colonial architecture of French India. In the spring of 2019, I was invited to an art history symposium at Chapman University to present a research paper entitled “Fortuna in Translation,” in which I discussed the circulation of objects between Europe and Mughal India in the early modern world. I have also worked as a URAP apprentice for my current art history advisor exploring the visual culture of South Asia. I enjoy traveling, reading (especially Asian-American fiction), playing the ukulele, cooking, listening to podcasts, Wikipedia surfing, studying languages, and learning about the history of food traditions. 

      Sabrina Lu - Psychology & Legal Studies

        Hi all! My name is Sabrina, and I am a senior majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies. I worked in the Gopnik Cognitive Development & Learning Lab through URAP, studying youth causal learning, during my sophomore and junior years. I was selected to be a SURF fellow this past summer, which enabled me to begin my senior honors thesis on Gender and Perceptions of Juvenile Criminality. On my free time, I enjoy going on outdoor runs, hitting the gym, and grabbing some coffee!

        Zoe Lung - Molecular & Cell Biology

          I am a rising senior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a focus in Cell and Developmental Biology and I am minoring in music. During the summer after my freshman year in college, I was able to conduct research side by side with an amazing mentor in a lab studying cancer in Taichung, Taiwan. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and was excited to look for more research opportunities on campus at Berkeley. I joined the Dernburg lab during my junior year and was selected to be a SURF fellow the summer after I started research at Berkeley. I am currently working on understanding more about the process of meiosis by using C. elegans as a model organism. Additionally, I am the facilitator of the Cancer 101 DeCal, which focuses on educating students on the basics of cancer as well as the current and developing treatments for the disease. Outside of school and research, I enjoy reading, running, and playing the guitar or ukulele. 

          Jasper Murphy - Molecular & Cell Biology

            I am an incoming junior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a focus on Developmental Genetics. I started working in the Gillespie Lab during the second semester of my freshman year, where we examine chemical recognition cues in an adaptive radiation of Hawaiian spiders. Additionally, I am a member of the Patient Support Corps (also through URAP), a group of health advocates and patient scribes who work at the UCSF Medical Center. Outside of school I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, and playing video games.

            Andy Q. Chen - Molecular & Cell Biology

              Hi! I’m a junior majoring in MCB (Biochemistry emphasis) and minoring in physics. I’m part of the lab of Carlos Bustamante here at Cal, studying nucleosome unwrapping and disassembly with optical tweezers! For the past summer, I have been lucky to be a Rose Hills Experience fellow under SURF. Outside of lab or classes, I play the pipe organ, one of the most complex man-made machines before the telephone exchange was invented. I also enjoy sleeping, learning useless facts on wikipedia, and getting lost in long walks around the area.


              Elise Rio - Molecular Environmental Biology

                I am a rising senior triple majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology with an emphasis in Human Health, Global Studies with a focus on Societies and Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Anthropology. I also have a minor in Global Public Health. I have been involved in research throughout high school and during my time at Berkeley. In high school I worked in Dr. Phang-Lang Chen’s laboratory to study the BRCA1 Tumor Suppressor Gene. In  the fall of my sophomore year I joined the Portnoy Lab at Berkeley, a microbiology lab focused on Listeria Monocytogenes. I have worked in the lab the past two summers and this past summer I worked on a SURF project focused around the genetic selection for L. Monocytogenes resistance to phagosome-mediated killing. I also have experience doing research in the humanities and I am working on a project focused around both the potential and downsides of global health programs in Sub-Saharan Africa for my Anthropology thesis. I am really excited to help other students find their research passions and facilitate the process of starting research projects for fellow students. Outside of academics I love to volunteer in the community, write, bake, read at coffee shops (specifically Strada), work-out, and go on trips with friends. 


                Denissa Widiarto - Molecular & Cell Biology

                  I’m a junior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with a focus in Immunology. I first got involved in research my freshman year at Berkeley through URAP, working in the Emotion and Social Interaction Lab where we studied the effect of Broad Minded Affective Coping technique on increasing positive emotions in patients with schizophrenia. In the spring semester of my sophomore year, I started working at the Molofsky Lab in UCSF where I am currently studying the interactions between neurons and glial cells during early development. In the summer of 2019, I was selected as a SURF fellow. During my free time, I enjoy going on hikes, trying out new food places, and doing acroyoga!