Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Alexandra Morales (2023)

The Young City Planners Committee

The Young City Planners Committee (YCPC) in Oakland, California will bring a group of middle school students from diverse backgrounds together to participate in workshops that exposes them to urban planning as a major in college as well as the profession. The workshops will also incorporate segments that introduce students to higher education pathways. The YCPC hopes to break the cycles of neglect in communities by empowering students to learn about and be involved in their neighborhoods’ planning process.


Alexandra Morales is a first-generation college graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Urban Studies. Her minors include Global Poverty and Practice and Creative Writing. Her passions for urban planning and environmental justice stem from the love she has for her comunidad, Barrio Logan, in San Diego, California. Through her project, the Young City Planner’s Committee in Oakland, she hopes to empower youth with similar backgrounds as herself to become agents of change in their communities.

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