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Ellie French

Workers of the ILWU (International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union) carry out their jobs in frequently dangerous situations that demand high-level cooperation and effective communication. On the docks and within union meetings, members constantly engage in strategic presentation of complaints and interpersonal conflicts. My research will employ methodologies of interactional sociology and conversation analysis to analyze verbal practices within union locals, specifically the act of voicing complaints. The focus of my analysis includes the workplace discourses of radio speech, face-to-face talk, and formal presentation of grievances at union meetings.  What does […]

Tara Najafi

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Motor adaptation comprises the essential processes which allow us to adapt to new environmental demands. Recent work has shown that motor adaptation includes both an explicit and implicit learning component. Explicit learning is strategic and utilizes performance errors, while implicit learning is unconscious and driven by motor execution errors. The cerebellum is central to generating these error signals, as has been shown extensively through the impaired adaptation of patients with cerebellar degeneration when completing visuomotor perturbation tasks. However, findings regarding the function of the cerebellum in implicit adaptation to varying […]