Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Alexandra Morales (2023)

The Young City Planners Committee (YCPC) in Oakland, California will bring a group of middle school students from diverse backgrounds together to participate in workshops that exposes them to urban planning as a major in college as well as the profession. The workshops will also incorporate segments that introduce students to higher education pathways. The YCPC hopes to break the cycles of neglect in communities by empowering students to learn about and be involved in their neighborhoods’ planning process.

Reva Kale (2023)

This project was inspired by my sister, who is diagnosed with autism, and the special needs community that has embraced her and my entire family throughout our lives. In 2019, Elijah McCain died three days after being put in a chokehold by police officers in Colorado. Elijah was on the autism spectrum, and his diagnosis created a communication barrier with law enforcement that eventually proved fatal. I want to create a curriculum for police officers and attorneys in New York City to highlight the unique challenges, behavioral needs, and skills […]

Mia Albano (2023)

The active and systemic migration of Filipinos for temporary and typically contracted employment in foreign countries exploded in the 1960s when the Philippine government formally established legal frameworks and policies to promote such labor. These individuals with Filipino citizenship who reside in another country for a period of employment have been coined Overseas Filipino Workers. Not only has the deployment and brokering of Filipino migrant workers around the world perpetuated the underdevelopment and “brain drain” of the archipelago nation, but it has had significant effects on scales of the intimate […]