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Abbey White Humanities and Social Science

Exploring Gender Roles through Lithics in a Late Classic Maya Site

For my research this summer I am participating in an archaeological excavation at the Classic Maya site of Chinikiha, Mexico. I am investigating gendered labor in the production and use of stone tools (lithics) in the Maya household by analyzing material remains There is a pervasive, but untested assumption that men were the producers and users of lithics, and as such, this is an area that has been underinvestigated in archeology. Looking critically at gendered labor will allow me to explore the effect that gender had on the Classic Maya economy.

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Because of SURF, I am able to work with incredible archaeologists while pursuing my own line of research questions. This is something I never expected to experience as an undergraduate student. Engaging in scholarly research from start to finish is an invaluable experience that I will take with me into graduate school and the field of archaeology.
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Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Rosemary Joyce, Anthropology
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