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Akash Dixit Rose Hills

Charge Transport in Millikelvin Germanium

Dark matter is ubiquitous in this universe yet has not been detected directly. The leading candidate particles for dark matter are Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search utilizes measurement of ionization and phonons in order to discriminate between background particles and rare WIMP interactions. Achieving complete charge collection by the ionization readout is challenging due to trapping within the low temperature Germanium detectors. The charge transport experiment will provide great insight into the phenomenon of charge trapping and this information will have wide implications in low temperature semiconductor physics. Examining the trapping curves will also allow us to better understand the charge collection mechanism for the CDMS detectors. With this information we can more accurately distinguish between background particles and rare WIMP interactions, eventually leading to the detection of dark matter.

Message To Sponsor

Being part of the The SURF/Rose Hills program is a great opportunity for me to pursue research in physics. I am very excited to be able to participate in the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search. This research is part of an effort to understand the vast mysteries of our universe. This grant allows me to engage with the members of the physics community. By working full time on my project, I will gain insight into my future as a researcher. I am grateful for the support of Arran Phipps and Professor Bernard Sadoulet as well as the SURF/Rose Hills fellowship.
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Major: Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (minor)
Mentor: Bernard Sadoulet, Physics
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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