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Alexandra Cunningham L&S Social Sciences

Dance as a Tool for Building Healthy Communities

Research across artistic disciplines has demonstrated that participation in the arts has a profound positive impact on the life of an individual, and on communities at large. An ecological public health model even enlists access to the arts as a core factor in shaping an individuals response to their social determinants of health. The art form of ballet, however, is working against a 400-year history of exclusionary practices and elitism that challenges the its relevancy and solvency in contemporary society. Increasingly, ballet companies are designing programming to be accessible to more diverse populations, including neurodiverse communities; however, this is an understudied field. My research aims to fill this gap in knowledge with a specific focus on dance programs designed for neurodiverse communities. The goal of my research is to create a framework of practices, interventions, and strategies that can be adopted by ballet companies to increase accessibility of the art form and contribute to broader research about dance as a tool in building healthy cities.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for your generous support of my research project examining dance as tool for building healthy communities. As a returning student to UC Berkeley, following a 15 year career as a professional ballet dancer, I am honored to have my research project supported by you and grateful for the opportunity to expand my skill sets as I transition careers. This research project has been a long time dream of mine and would not be possible without your support.
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major, Education Minor
Mentor: Amm Quamruzzaman
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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