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Alondra Garcia L&S Social Sciences

Implicit Bias & Perceived Disrespect: Latine Girls in the Classroom

My work aims to investigate how the intersection between ethnicity and gender may influence teachers’ perceptions of disrespect. Previous research has found a perceived desire for increased discipline for Black boys in the classroom relative to white boys. However, the same results could not be replicated for girls. I believe that by creating a study that is informed by Latine girls’ intersecting identities, I will find similar results for perceived disrespect. I have created a survey containing a student’s misbehavior that presents the participant with either a stereotypical Latine girl name or a stereotypical White girl name. Thereafter, participants are given survey questions that address perceived disrespect and their feelings toward the student. Participants’ responses will demonstrate whether there is greater perceived disrespect in the Latine girl condition compared to the White girl condition. These results could suggest a need for further research on how differential perceptions may affect the student in the future. This summer, I will administer this survey and analyze the results to better understand how Latine girls are perceived.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for your generous donation. The funds you have provided have allowed me to become a UROC-Gates Foundation fellow and pursue research that is deeply important to me. As a Latine girl, I am excited to do research on an understudied area of psychology that directly impacts my community. I appreciate that I have been given the opportunity to begin research that I hope to continue in graduate school.
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Major: Psychology and Education
Mentor: Jason Okonofua
Sponsor: Gates Foundation
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