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Alton Sturgis L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Stroke Patient Remote Physical Rehabilitation in Augmented Reality

We ask the question if physical rehabilitation for stroke patients in virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) can supplement the lack of access to physical therapy. The motivation is that there is a waitlist of stroke patients to be seen by a physical therapist after they are discharged from the hospital. Patients often wait for months at home even though the first 6 months after the event of stroke is when they have the highest brain plasticity to recover the most through rehabilitation. This is a blindside of the current medical system which we aim to alleviate through this research. The ultimate goal is to develop a physical rehabilitation training algorithm and deploy AR/VR headsets running this algorithm to each patient’s home, wherein the algorithm is efficient and personalized.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for offering funding for my research project! This research aims to benefit people who need to be rehabilitated after a stroke, and you are giving us an opportunity to make this a reality!
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Edward Kim
Sponsor: Chen Fund
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