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Amit Akula Rose Hills

Algorithmic Models for Intervention-Oriented Social Media Platforms

The California Report Card (CRC) is a social media platform that collects public feedback on timely issues and uses a peer-to-peer evaluation network to filter for the most constructive and insightful comments provided. Already successfully deployed with over 8000 visits, the CRC has already indicated high public interest in disaster preparedness. My lab is working to create a new version of the CRC focused on disaster preparedness. We hope to use the CRC as a tool to foster public awareness and dialogue around earthquake safety and wildfire prevention. Since the new platform is more educational/interventional by the nature of content, the deployment of this new platform raises questions about how the data collected can be used to assess and predict disaster readiness. I will work on developing algorithmic approaches that model and assess this.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you, Rose Hills Foundation, so much for this opportunity! Research is a big buzzword for undergraduates and for many is quite opaque. I am incredibly excited to be part of the lucky few and am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in such an exciting and integral part of academia. I hope to come out this summer with a solid foundation in artificial intelligence and with experience in contributing to several active research projects in my lab.
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Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Ken Goldberg, IEOR, EECS, iSchool, Practice of Art, Radiology/Oncology (UCSF)
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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