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Text it or Forget it? The Application of Text Messaging to Enhance Memory for Learned Information

Research has shown that memory for medical and psychological advice hovers between 20 and 30 percent. This may be associated with adverse effects on treatment adherence and outcomes. My research employs memory-enhancing strategies through a reiterative text-message intervention for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Previous research suggests text interventions can have positive treatment outcomes. A more standardized and systematic approach to studying their effects on treatment outcomes and memory, may lead to more conclusive findings. In my study, participants will receive a two-week text-message intervention following a basic lesson in CBT, and will be assessed on both recall and depression scores. We live in an era where technology is replacing traditional methods of communication. I hope that my project will help further our understanding of how to optimally use technology to aid treatment efforts outside the clinic.

Message To Sponsor

The SURF fellowship has given me an invaluable experience to engage in the research process, and hone my skills to take initiative and work collaboratively to realize a vision. I have also had the opportunity to work closely with my mentor, Professor Allison Harvey, who has taught me valuable lessons about conducting thorough research and about succeeding in graduate school and beyond. I am grateful to her and my graduate student mentor, Jason Lee, for their guidance and support through this process. I am very grateful to the SURF donors for providing undergrads like me with such an incredible opportunity.
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Major: Psychology, Music (minor)
Mentor: Allison Harvey, Psychology
Sponsor: Pergo Fund
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