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Ariella Megory Humanities and Social Science

Moving Left: Examining Ideological/Political Shifts within Israeli Society

I am studying the Israeli perspective of the Israeli-Palsestinian Conflict as a case study to understand how personal perspectives shift in directions contrary to the dominant national discourse. I will be interviewing individuals who have shifted their perspective from the right-wing ideology common in Israel today to a more liberal (pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist) viewpoint. My research will shed light on the types of life-histories which promote ideological resilience and curiosity, by identifying common life experiences, interpersonal interactions, and historical contexts which this small group of Israelis share.

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The substantive portion of my research will be conducted in Jerusalem. Living in Jerusalem, I will have the opportunity to personally interview members of a vibrant, though shrinking, Israeli pro-peace community. I will use the SURF funding to cover my flight and living expenses. Without this financial support, I would have to conduct phone interviews from home and would not have access to such a diverse or abundant sample of people and spaces for analysis.
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Major: Cultural Anthropology
Mentor: Rutie Adler, Near Eastern Studies
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