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Arman Babkhani Rose Hills

Topological superconductivity of Weyl Semi-metals

The search for superconductors began in the twentieth century as our understanding of quantum physics developed. In the field of condensed matter physics this search is pivotal. My research will focus on investigating the superconductive properties of certain group of semi-metals, known as Weyl semi-metals. These semi-metals are crystals whose low energy excitation was predicted by one of the solutions to the Dirac equation, the Weyl Fermions.
I will mainly investigate different growth methods and superconductive properties of crystals such as Tantalum Arsenide (TaAs) and Cadmium Arsenide (Cd3As2). Further, exploring the behavior of these crystals under high magnetic fields would manifest some of their magnetic properties. Therefore, I intend to explore efficient methods of growing these crystals and analyzing their magnetic and electric properties under high magnetic fields, which would thus help us gain an understanding of their crystal structure and superconductivity.

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Being involved with frontiers of research is essential to the learning of any student who intends to pursue his or her passion professionally. Rose Hills Foundation has been gracious in providing this opportunity to the likes of me who have been looking for a platform to pursue their passion. By receiving this opportunity, I wish to expand the scope of my knowledge about physics and engineering, and possibly contribute to our everlasting effort to understand the universe.
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Major: Engineering Physics
Mentor: James Analytis
Sponsor: Rose Hills Experience
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