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Beatrice Mchugh L&S Arts & Humanities

Precision and Vagueness in Language and Narrative in Nabokov's Novels

My thesis explores the aesthetic dialogue created by Nabokov in his usage and treatment of language. Through the apparent precision to which Nabokov’s language gestures, he in fact exposes the vagueness inherent in words. In doing so he facilitates the reader’s interrogation of the text as the creation of its author as well as their own subjectivity as reader, the consumer of its language. We must consider the connotative and denotative values of words; what each word has the potential to embody as well as what rifts it may expose practically and philosophically. In my treatment of Nabokov’s English novels, with an emphasis on “Bend Sinister,” I hope to suggest a link between Nabokov’s creation and usage of language and his aesthetic considerations as an author.

Message To Sponsor

Dear Donor, please allow me to extend my deepest gratitude for your generosity. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity this funding will offer me as I pursue my research over the summer. It is a unique and wonderful opportunity to be able to deeply and wholeheartedly engage with my passion. My sincerest thanks, Beatrice McHugh
Major: Comparative Literature
Mentor: Eric Naiman
Sponsor: Anselm A&H Fund
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