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Ben Reuveni L&S Sciences

Cognitive Load Affects Interactions Between Procedural and Declarative Systems

Human memory is characterized by multiple memory systems. Two of the most widely recognized of these are the procedural and declarative systems. My project extends a line of research aimed at exploring the interaction between these systems. Previous research using category learning paradigms widely thought to selectively tap either the procedural or declarative memory system has implied that these two systems compete for control of motor resources.For example, human participants usually perform poorly in category learning tasks in which optimal performance requires trial-by-trial switching between procedural and declarative strategies. My experiment will attempt to identify factors that facilitate successful system switching. This research represents a significant contribution to the human learning and memory literature at large, and has potential to inform novel training methods for skills that require interaction between procedural and declarative memory systems (e.g., learning to identify a tumor in a radiological image).

Message To Sponsor

The goal of a great education is far more than simply acquiring new knowledge. It is a mutual endeavor in which a student not only benefits from the institution, but is also enabled to pursue their passions. UCB has provided an amazing environment to pursue my passion of understanding human decision making. Unfortunately, real world financial constraints normally limit my ability to truly focus on this research. Being awarded this fellowship has given me the amazing opportunity to focus an entire summer solely on research that will culminate in a senior honors thesis. What a dream come true!
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Major: Psychology
Mentor: Richard Ivry, Psychology
Sponsor: Pergo Fund
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