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Bill Stewart Humanities and Social Science

GETTING THE MESSAGE: Understanding the Construction and Effectiveness of Media-based HIV Prevention Information Targeting African American Men, Residing in Alameda County

My research is concerned with understanding the construction and effectiveness of media-based HIV prevention information targeting African American Men, age 18-44, residing in Alameda County, California. African Americans face the most severe burden of HIV of all racial/ethnic groups in the United States with black men accounting for 70% of the estimated new HIV infections among all blacks in 2009 (CDC). Media-based HIV information is a strategy currently being used to encourage individuals to test for HIV and begin treatment as soon as possible. I will spend the summer interviewing staff personnel (program managers, coordinators, and key personnel working in community-based organizations and the public health department) who are responsible for the development and placement of HIV-related print media targeting black men in Alameda County, to get an understanding of the process that goes into the construction and evaluation of the materials. I will also be conducting qualitative observations in the neighborhoods where the produced materials have been placed to get an understanding of the context under which they are presented. It is my hope that this research provides data that will assist with developing effective and culturally appropriate HIV prevention & treatment materials within a service environment that is becoming increasingly scarce on monetary and human resources.

Message To Sponsor

As a SURF recipient, I am grateful to be able to conduct research in a topic area that I am not only passionate about, but one that is critical to our national wellness and security. I believe that our approach in the United States to fighting HIV domestically (here at home) will define who we are as a nation-. I am extremely thankful to the SURF sponsors for making this research a reality!!
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Mary Kelsey, Sociology
Sponsor: Wishek Fund
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