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Bryce Jarman Rose Hills

Mechanistic Study of a Bioorthogonal Oxidative Coupling Reaction

The goal of my research project is to study a new method of bioconjugation: an oxidant mediated coupling reaction. This reaction is highly site specific and unreactive with the functional groups traditionally found in biological systems, making it useful for the efficient construction of biomaterials with a variety of different functions. Although this reaction has already seen a variety of uses, further studies into the mechanism will allow for even greater tuning of the reactions selectivity and efficiency. To do this I will prepare a set of internal standards and then use these standards as a basis for a series of high throughput screens that will analyze a variety of different components of the reaction. Ideally, some of the information gathered will pave the way for a set of low temperature NMR studies that, when combined with other information gathered in the screens, will provide insight into the reaction mechanism.

Message To Sponsor

The opportunity to write a research proposal and then attempt to follow through with it (and deal with all the associated trials and tribulations) is an exceptional one. This Rose Hills grant is giving me the opportunity to experience a taste of grad school, helping me to prepare for the long years of research ahead of me. Additionally, this grant enables me to join with fellow researchers from across a variety of different disciplines to get a greater understanding of the scientific process from different viewpoints. Given the ever-increasing interdisciplinary nature of science, this insight will be invaluable.
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Major: Chemical Biology
Mentor: Matt Francis, Chemistry
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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