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Caitlin Margaret Waddell Humanities and Social Science

Agnes Varda: A Woman's Take on the French new Wave

This summer I will be investigating the French New Wave, a cinematic movement that took place between 1958 and 1964. My primary focus will be on the films Agnes Varda made during this time period. I hope to gain new insight into the artistic questions and concerns central to French New Wave vis–vis an analysis of Vardas gender-specific take the on aesthetics and themes of the movement. To do this I will be focusing on close readings of Vardas films, the films of other French New Wave directors, and criticism written specifically on Varda and the French New Wave in general.

Message To Sponsor

Discovering the SURF Program was one of the most serendipitous moments in my experience as an undergraduate. Not only is it a chance for research for undergraduates, but specifically for undergraduates in the College of Letters and Sciences. Being a film major on a campus that dedicates a large portion of its resources and attention to the more scientifically inclined, I took the news of this opportunity as quite a pleasant and exciting surprise. I look forward with anticipation and anxiety to this summers labors, and am eager to get the most out of this rare opportunity for humanities undergraduate research.
Major: Film Studies
Mentor: Kristen Whissel, Film Studies
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