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Chung Yan Cheung L&S Sciences

Developmental role of Gremlin2 in the Mouse Dorsal Spinal Cord

Development of the nervous system depends on the migration, differentiation, and axonal projections of neurons to their appropriate targets. In the dorsal spinal cord where many sensory and interneurons are born, signaling cues specify the development of neuronal precursors into an array of cell types. However, the process by which these signals regulate neuronal growth is still unclear. This summer, I will examine the function of the Gremlin2 gene, which is expressed in a specific population of dorsal interneurons. Taking advantage of Gremlin2 knock-out mice, I will use immunocytochemistry to determine the precise anatomical location of Gremlin2 expression and analyze defects in specification, migration, and connectivity of these interneurons.

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This research project represents an opportunity for me not only to become familiar with new laboratory techniques, but to prove myself capable of handling the responsibilities that come with research. The more I invest in this field, the more I begin to appreciate the diligence and patience required to plan, execute, and complete a research project. I am excited to document the culmination of my work in a senior honors thesis, and I am grateful that the SURF scholarship allows me to use this summer to fully engross myself in my research. I am certain this experience will help train me to become a better scientist and to prepare me for graduate school.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Richard Harland, Molecular and Cell Biology
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