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Corina Dunn Rose Hills

Exotic Superconductivity in Three Dimensional Flat-Band Materials

In materials with “flat-bands” where electrons have suppressed kinetic energy, effects of electron-electron interactions give rise to exotic quantum phases including superconductivity. While two-dimensional flat-band materials have been broadly studied in recent years, flat-bands are only just beginning to be realized in three dimensional networks. 3D flat-band materials are an interesting laboratory for the competition between superconductivity and magnetism and may even permit their coexistence. This project will focus on synthesizing and characterizing 3D flat-band materials to identify what exotic quantum phases can be discovered and to understand how electron interactions in flat-bands may lead to deviations from Fermi liquid theory, which describes normal metals. In particular, samples will be studied by analyzing electrical and thermal transport properties with attention to deviations from Fermi liquid theory, especially the Wiedemann Franz law which relates thermal to electrical conductivity in normal metals.

Message To Sponsor

This research project will allow me to explore the interesting world of condensed matter physics – thank you for the opportunity to do so. Through this project I will learn laboratory skills and research methods which will be applicable to my later career. Thanks again!
Major: Physics
Mentor: James Analytis
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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