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Daniella Asturias L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Salinity and Atrazine Effects on Xenopus laevis Development

My project aims to investigate the effects of salinity and atrazine on African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus laevis) development, contributing to our understanding of the impacts of rising salinity levels in freshwater due to climate change. As an ideal model organism to study sensitivity to environmental stressors, I would use Xenopus laevis and it also eases the monitoring of developmental changes. I will simulate a range of salinities found in aquatic environments and expose tadpoles to varying concentrations of atrazine. Measures such as development, sex ratio, growth, and survival rates, will be used to assess the effects of salinity and atrazine. I will also use techniques like histological analysis to investigate underlying mechanisms. The research will provide new knowledge by examining the combined effects of salinity and atrazine exposure on amphibian development. The findings could inform conservation and management strategies for amphibian populations and provide insight into potential human health impacts of salinity and pesticide exposure due to shared freshwater sources and climate change.

Message To Sponsor

Dear donor, Thank you for supporting my research project on the effects of salinity and atrazine on African Clawed Frogs. Your contribution has made it possible for me to conduct this important study and explore the impacts of environmental stressors on amphibian development. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will have a lasting impact on the scientific community's understanding of the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems.
Major: Marine Science
Mentor: Tyrone Hayes
Sponsor: Anselm MPS Fund
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