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The Role of Compassion in Decision-Making

Decision-making is a core aspect of the human experience, yet the mechanism underlying this process has not yet been fully understood, despite a long history of research in this field. There are many factors that play important roles in decision-making, such as outcomes, risk (probability of undesired outcomes), emotions, and interpersonal context. Early studies tended to focus on the effect of one specific factor on the process of decision-making, and disregarded others. Because of these studies, we have some understanding of how these factors affect decision-making. However, decisions in life are not so simple that one factor can determine everything. Thus, recent studies have shifted to focusing on the effects of multiple factors on decision-making. For my project, I will investigate the effect of compassion on decision-making in interpersonal contexts, in which the consequences faced by others depend on the decision-makers choice. Therefore, my study acts as a novel study, as well as a test of whether or not older studies’ findings agree with each other.

Message To Sponsor

I want to give a big thank you to the Banatao fund for giving me the chance to conduct my own research. My dream career goal has always been to become a researcher and conduct my own projects. But I never thought I would have a chance to achieve part of my dream at such an early stage in my academic journey. Thanks to your fund, I was able to conduct my own study for my honor thesis this summer. This has been a great opportunity which has helped me grow as a scientist and as a person. The experience I had was exceptional; it made me more determined to follow my dream. All of this is because you gave me the chance to do it so THANK YOU.
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dacher Keltner
Sponsor: Banatao Fund
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