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Emma Lalor Rose Hills

Emergency Medical Technicians and Graphic Medicine

As an EMT, I believe it is exceedingly important to try to gain a full-picture perspective of patients and providers in order to work with each in the best way possible. One way that this can be done is through the use of graphic medicine, or the implementation of graphic novel, cartoons, and comics in order to convey stories and lessons from emergency medicine. My research is in tandem with many healthcare providers, patients, and educators through the volunteer group, Graphic Medicine. With this project, we aim to create an interdisciplinary resource for the use of graphic medicine in many healthcare and healthcare-adjacent fields in order to create a better understanding of graphic medicine by those creating or reading it. In my section specifically, I will be speaking to my own experiences with graphic medicine, providing a historical context of notable graphic medicine works pertaining to emergency services, and investigating ways that I believe it can be implemented in the training and work of emergency medical technicians.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much to the donors that are making this project possible. The ability to work on this over summer will allow me to put my full effort and heart into this project. Your funding has made it possible for me to research and create a great new resource for professionals and patients alike.
Major: Microbial Biology
Mentor: Seth Holmes
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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