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Genesis Galindo Leyva L&S Social Sciences

Understanding Latino Immigrant Parents’ Educational Aspirations

First-generation immigrant parents are often considered to act in their family’s best interest, especially to ensure their children’s success. For this reason, first-generation immigrant parents are seen as influencers and contributors to their children’s educational success. However, by considering first-generation immigrant parents as just influencers and contributors to their children’s educational success, less emphasis is placed on their personal educational aspirations and their desire to continue their education. Therefore, it is important to look further into understanding what other factors influence first-generation immigrant parents’ decision-making, how these factors influence their decision to continue their education, and how it can further impact society as a whole. Thus, considering the Latino population in the Bay Area, my question is: Are Latino first-generation immigrant parents’ educational aspirations influenced by their children’s pursuits, and if so, how? With my results, I hope to contribute to knowledge on how parents pursue “learning,” challenging the view that their social actions are informed solely by their children’s outcomes.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for funding my research this summer! I am excited to have the opportunity to not only research the topic of my interest but also work towards contributing to the existing knowledge in the field of my study. I am very grateful to have received this support as an undergrad interested in research, and I hope it is just the beginning of many future successes.
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Major: Sociology
Mentor: Raúl Coronado
Sponsor: Wishek
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