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Hannah Chung L&S Sciences

Identification of genes that are inappropriately regulated in hereditary iron overload

Iron is an indispensable micronutrient for living organisms. Studies have shown that the Hfe gene plays a significant role in iron regulation in mammalian cells. However, it is unclear how gene expression is affected by the defective Hfe gene to elicit higher iron accumulation than normal iron levels, and if strain differential iron overload in Hfe knock-out (KO) mice is associated with strain specific interactions of the genes. This summer, I will be addressing these questions by using microarray: differentially expressed genes in Hfe KO mice will be determined in both AKR and C57BL/6 background rather than strain specific gene differences or secondary to high iron content. Genes that are specifically affected by Hfe gene disruption will also be determined.

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This fellowship is a very exciting opportunity for me because this is the first time I have a chance to use learned laboratory techniques to mold my own research project. It is also frightening because I feel I have much more to learn before I can step into such a project, especially one that has a tight schedule. However, I am looking forward to carry out this project full-time over the summer where I do not have to worry about midterms, finals, or other schoolwork. I am also greatly relieved and thankful because of the support and funding; I do not have to worry about financial living matters while carrying out the project.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Chris Vulpe, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
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