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Effects of Prior Host Infection Status on New Infections

Grapevine leafroll disease (GLD) has spread to all grape-growing regions and is one of the most important viral diseases affecting grapevines worldwide. GLD has adverse effects on fruit quality and plant health, leading to significant economic losses. Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLRaV-3) is the primary causative virus involved in GLD. Given the economic importance of grapes and the consequences of GLD, it is crucial to develop efficient ways of managing this disease.
Recent studies have demonstrated that abiotic conditions such as plant nutrient status, accumulation of inorganic metals, temperature, and plant water status can alter viral dynamics, increase resistance to pathogens, and confer benefit to plant hosts under stress. The goal of my research is to test the effects of nutrient availability on plant susceptibility to GLRaV-3 infections and symptom severity. My research will provide insight for novel management approaches for plant viral diseases.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank the SURF/L&S program and the Pergo Foundation for giving me the opportunity to continue doing research this summer. This program has enabled me to devote my time to research and make progress that I otherwise would not have been able to make this summer. This experience has significantly contributed to furthering my senior thesis project and growth as a researcher.
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Major: Integrative Biology
Mentor: Paul Fine, Integrative Biology
Sponsor: Pergo
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