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Harrison Khoo Rose Hills

High-Throughput Imaging of DNA Holliday Junctions

DNA Holliday junctions (HJs) are double-stranded structures that promote genetic variation during DNA replication. Errors during separation of the two strands that comprise the HJ may lead to various biological issues contributing to human disease. The Redding Lab seeks to approach this problem by first learning more about the biophysical properties of HJs. We look to engineer a DNA curtain, a microfluidic assay capable of trapping HJs on a microscope slide for further analysis in real time observation. Once successful, we can see the effects of manipulating experiment design on HJs to learn more about the mechanism of its resolution.

Message To Sponsor

This past summer being a Rose Hills Fellow through the SURF program has been a transformative experience for my career. I was able to dedicate full days towards research and focus on learning more about STEM topics that are closely intertwined with my interests. Through the fellowship, I was able to rest easy about non-academic problems for the summer, which allowed me to expend my energy towards work and make good progress. I appreciate how the Rose Hills Foundation has been very accommodating towards our own interests, letting us continue work in our own, very diverse set of labs. I am very grateful for this amazing summer experience and am proud of all the work that I was able to accomplish.
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Major: Bioengineering
Mentor: Sy Redding
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